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Our-story (2015_08_19 15_22_32 UTC)Keith White Custom Homes began as a dream in the mind of a young child. As a boy, Keith White would follow his grandfather around construction sites and lumber yards.  He always knew he was destined to become a home-builder just like keith_shadowshis grandfather.

In 1994 Keith and his wife Jan built their first home to sell (also known in the industry as a “spec home” ), since then you can find a Keith White Custom Home in practically every neighborhood and subdivision in Paragould, and many others on private lots around Greene County’s finest rural communities.

Although custom Home-building is still his specialty, Keith always has “Spec-homes” in the building process.  This keeps his expert subcontractors busy and provides a valuable aspect to the company since, in this fast growing community with families continually moving in, some prospective homeowners need a quick place to settle into.  Plus they get to see pre-built homes with all the details that a custom builder can provide.

Many prospective home buyers have their own dream home in mind, so come to Keith White Custom Homes with thoughts and ideas, some with detailed plans, and other with scribbled notes and rough drawings.  They love working with Keith because he is always willing and patient to help mold their dreams into breathtaking reality. They are also willing to wait patiently through the long, step-by-step processes required for dream homes to come real.

keithwatchWherever or whenever a KEITH WHITE CUSTOM HOMES project is in progress, you’ll find Keith White personally present on a daily basis to oversee and direct.  He takes each and every home he builds personally, whether its a custom or a “spec-home”.

Keith invites you to see why Keith White Custom Homes has become the Premier home-builder in Northeast Arkansas by speaking with Keith about what you want and need.  And long before you finally decide into whose hands to entrust your home-building project, you’ll certainly want to consider what sets Keith White Custom Homes apart from all the rest.  All that may seem like a lot of effort, but remember how much money you are about to spend, and ask yourself if you can afford to have it done by anyone other than Keith White Custom Homes.